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Order now and enjoy 10% off!
Order now and enjoy 10% off!

Shanghai Euo Source Electronic Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Euo Source Electronic Co., Ltd. is a customer-oriented independent stocking distributor of electronic components and industrial control parts. We have a proven history of high quality, performance and reliability. We will quickly and accurately provide you with high quality power semiconductors at competitive prices with no minimum order and will deliver them overnight from our extensive inventory. Performance testing is conducted to ensure the highest quality.

Main Products

Darlington, IGBT, IPM, SCR, GTO, thyristor, diode, rectifier bridge, MOSFET, fuse, power supply, capacitor, relay, sensors switch, inverter, PLC, breaker, contactor,

Quality Control System

Strict quality inspection system runs every day here. All the parts will be tested before shipment. We provide warranty for all the parts provided by us.

Warehouse Operations

Our headquarters is located in Shanghai, China, covering chief offices, call and data centers, as well as our warehouse. The warehouse management system is streamlined to nearly perfect pick-and-ship operation. These high-tech capabilities and the efficient order fulfillment processes allow for fast delivery with same-day shipping on most orders.

Worldwide Customer Service

Technology support is provided. Our engineers make it easy for you to choose the right components. Our 48 staff members include 12 engineers in different industry areas, around 20 professional salespersons with more than 10 hours' prompt service. We provide online consultation by MSN, Skype, Yahoo messenger, communicate with customers, solve problems for them in time, deal with complaints and idea feedback to ensure customers' benefit, and offer value added service to customers.